Trade Idea EURJPY 22.12.2017 (Global Macro)

EURJPY possible sell based on supply/demand (Global Macro entry) by DavidFXMarkets on

(opis w języku angielskim)

This is short explanation of my vision (more information and full analysis are available – contact me via email).
This is one of the best fundamental based trades nowadays. The Euro -0.29% is overbought, Yen is sold heavily (I refer to CFTC Report). It gives the possibility of collapse of demand / supply for these currencies. The United States is going to raise interest rates in the future, which will translate into an increase in market risk in the future. This will be the main factor that will result in the closing of short positions on the japanese Yen 0.08% and it will increase pressure to sell pairs with the japanese Yen 0.08% in the background. The Euro -0.29% is currently not in a certain inflationary situation, especially core inflation is muted. The tone of the European Central Bank’s statement is now positive, because the bank does not want the Euro -0.29% to fall too fast. As investors or traders, we have to be able to predict the future in some sense and try to position ourselves before Mr. Market will notice what is going on.

Remember to invest consicously, pay attention and be aware all the time, have a good Risk:Ratio reward, control your feelings and emotions… and good luck! 😉

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