Trade Idea EURUSD (Global Macro) 29.12.2017

EURUSD long-term sell (Global Macro) by DavidFXMarkets on

(opis w języku angielskim)

Presented Idea is an assumption depending on global supply/demand on currencies. In longer period of time, Euro 0.40% should go down, has big potential to go down, it should weakening, but it will also depends on what Usd will do and how far it will go to the downside. USD has a big potential to go down and it can move in that direction even for a couple of months until inflation CPI -1.18% will not have downward pressure. So pay attention of that, it is very, very important.
Technically, EURUSD 0.40% is now in fifth wave (weekly chart) – be aware!

Always invest consicously, knowing what you’re doing and what you want to achieve.

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